Learn about the.. author here I g-guess!

Hi, you can call me Reila and I decided to start this blog just at the end of 2017, because why not? I actually did have an Anime related once upon a time… but I had to give it up at the time. However I’m starting a new blog once again in a bit more of a casual manner. While my old blog had both reviews and news, this one will mainly be about my thoughts and opinions, lucky you!

I live in Canada and I started watching Anime at a young age, my first real introduction to it was Sailor Moon. I mean all of us started somewhere right? I still do like Sailor Moon to this day and Crystal was a huge disappointment except for the 3rd season.


Some quick facts about me:

Gender: Female
Age: ??
Occupation: Game tester, Artist
Can be seen on their computer most of the time.
Likes: Riko Sakurauchi, Idols, some vidya games (I’m picky), Art.

I may add more later, but if you got any question just ping me on Twitter.